Manifest Destiny and the Gilded Age vs. Man-Made Climate Change (Part 2) » David Offutt at a Soldier’s memorial Little Big Horn Mont. 1980

David Offutt in the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana (1980): This marker is not a grave stone. It marks where one of George Armstrong Custer’s cavalrymen was found dead on June 25, 1876. Crazy Horse achieved a tactical victory here and wiped out the 7th Cavalry. However, it was a strategic blunder because it united most U.S. citizens against the Native Americans and accelerated the loss of lands they had lived on for generations. When gold was discovered in the Black Hills, the U.S. violated its treaty with the “Indians” and allowed prospectors to invade sacred lands, thus setting off the rebellion. It was a clash of two distinctly different cultures.

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